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 I was having severe pain in my back. Because of this pain I couldn’t stand or walk. I suffered from headaches, I couldn’t sleep and I had no energy. I tried different kinds of treatments such as medications and surgery but the only results from these treatments were severe pain and loss of movement. Within two weeks of starting chiropractic care I had more mobility and less pain. I was able to stand in lines and walk a short distance. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Maurer is good at explaining treatments and how they work. 

- Laura

Hello, my name is Shelly. I was in extreme pain when I opened the phone book and found Dr. Maurer's ad, and what a lucky choice it was! I had pulled something in my back while putting my youngest child in his car seat. The level of pain I felt was so severe that I couldn't walk or even crawl, and taking care of two kids was impossible! Thank goodness my mom and mother-in-law pitched in to help me because I didn't know what I was going to do. I was missing time from work and missing out on fun with my family.Within just one week of starting treatment I felt improvement. I still had to be careful, but I couldn't believe the difference. Now, I'm basically back to normal and can do everything as before, just carefullly. My chiropractic care has not only helped my back, but I also have more energy and I feel

healthier. I am able to work regular hours and play with my kids again.I'm interested in preventative care to protect my health, and when I come into an office where I feel so welcome every time, it's an even bigger relief. I've never been to an office with such a friendly staff! The doctor is very caring and listens to whatever questions I have. I feel comfortable with him and can relax knowing he will take good care of me.


I first came to Family Back and Neck Care Centre because I was having trouble sleeping. After only a few treatments with Dr. Maurer, I am sleeping great and my pain has gone away completely. 


Hi! My name is Denella. I started coming o FBNCC in February 2015. When I first started coming here I was in so much pain. My leg pain was very extreme. It slowed me down and restricted my daily activities. I noticed improvement after two weeks of treatment here. Since getting my adjustments, I feels so much better. Dr. Maurer is very helpful and patient with my care. The staff is very friendly and helpful concerning my schedule.


Hello! My name is Sandy. I became a patient at Family Back and Neck Care Centre in January. I had been hurting for months before I hurt myself really badly and decided it was finally time to come in. I was in such severe pain that I hurt everywhere form my head to my toes! I had quit exercising, I couldn't sleep, I wasn't able to sit for very long especially when i came to being able to drive. From day one I had relief! Its been three weeks now and I feel great! I am able to exercise again, I am sleeping at night and sitting no longer hurts me. I feel that I am healthier overall now; I just feel so much better!


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